What Kind of Commercial Ice Machine Do You Need?

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The weather can get pretty toasty in our fair state, and we rely on commercial refrigeration services to help us make and supply all the ice we need. From museums to restaurants, plus all sorts of other commercial businesses, ice machine sales offer a dependable resource for purchasing or renting the perfect commercial ice machine for your specific requirements.

But how do you know what kind of commercial ice machine is right for you? At Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service, we are experts in ice machine repair in North Little Rock, AR, as well as ice machine sales. We’ll help you find the right system, and we’ll help you keep it in great shape year round. Read on to learn more!

How much ice do you need each day?

The biggest question you should start with is pretty straightforward: about how much ice do you estimate that you’ll need every day? For example, if you own a local diner, you’ll probably be serving a fairly predictable number of people every day, and most will want ice water. If you’re open for lunch and dinner, you’ll want to factor in all the sodas you sell that will also have ice—plus, don’t forget refills!

Of course, there will be certain reasons that you’ll see a spike or drop in customers—maybe a bad storm means fewer diners, or a birthday party brings more than usual—and you can add these numbers into your overall estimate, too. The bottom line is this: consider roughly how much ice you’ll need for each customer, and this will help you determine what type of commercial refrigeration service in Little Rock, AR is best for you.

What type of ice do you prefer?

Here’s another example. If you’re a bartender or bar owner looking into ice machine sales in Sherwood, AR, you probably have a couple different kinds of ice you use on a daily basis, and you know you need to have those options in order to make your customers happy. You might want larger chunks of ice for a straight fountain drink, but smaller flakes or crushed ice for cocktails. Or, maybe you own a catering business and require a large volume of ice cubes to keep food cold during storage and before and after events. Think about the kind of ice making requirements you have before you buy an ice machine.

How much maintenance assistance do you have?

Ice machines require different levels of maintenance, depending on factors like size, complexity and frequency of use. So ask yourself how much ice machine repair in Jacksonville, AR you can perform yourself, and how much assistance you’ll be able to count on from other coworkers or employees.

Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service can help you with repairs and maintenance, including filtration, routine cleaning and part replacement. If you’re looking into ice machine sales in Conway, AR, give us a call. We’ll guide you through the decision process and make sure you have the right machine for your needs.

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