Air Conditioning Repair in Cabot, AR

working on air condition repair

During the hot summer months, you definitely want your air conditioning to work. When it’s too hot in your home, your kids will whine, and you won’t get a good night’s sleep. If your air conditioner breaks down in your business, your customers won’t be happy, and they might go elsewhere. That’s why when you need A/C repair services and you’re in Cabot, AR, you contact Dickerson A/C & Refrigeration Service.

We’ve been providing our customers with repair services for their home and business air conditioning systems for over 20 years. With our fast 24-hour repair service, we’re here for you day or night. No matter when your air conditioning breaks down, you can count on us to repair all your air conditioning problems. We provide repair services for everything including:

A/C Issues

  • Makes strange noises: Air conditioners can make all sorts of strange noises indicating there’s a problem. If you’re hearing anything out of the ordinary, it’s time to call us.
  • Water or refrigerant drips from A/C: If this is happening, it will cause warm air instead of cold to blow out of your vents, and it could cause ice build up on the coils.
  • Cools unevenly: When this happens, you could have any number of problems including, blocked vents, poor insulation, or ductwork leaks.
  • Blows warm air: Check your thermostat’s settings and your air filters first. If everything looks okay, you might have a broken thermostat, a leaking refrigerant, or other issues.
  • Stops working completely: It’s possible you just need to replace the batteries in your thermostat or that your thermostat is accidentally set to heating mode instead of cooling. If that’s not the problem then you need HVAC repair services.

For the above or any other air conditioning problems, in Cabot, AR, you can trust Dickerson A/C & Refrigeration Service for the solution. No problem is too large or small. When you need air conditioning repair services, contact us at 501-843-9525.