Help! My Air Conditioner Is Frozen!

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Do you have ice on your air conditioner? No, you have not reached the ultimate level of cooling temperature. Despite the fact that your air conditioner’s job is to cool your home, ice on your unit is never a good sign.

Ice on your air conditioner can be a symptom of several possible problems, but it is definitely a symptom and should never be ignored. If you see ice buildup on your AC unit, you need to turn off the unit immediately and call your local HVAC service for AC maintenance in Cabot, AR. There are several things that may be going wrong, but all of them require a professional AC service in Conway, AR to fix. Here are a few possibilities as to what may be going on with your unit:

  • Poor airflow: If the airflow inside your unit is restricted, the temperature of your unit’s evaporator coil can drop below freezing. When this occurs, the humidity in the air will collect on the coil, causing ice to build up in the system and affect its efficiency and ability to cool your home. The cause of the poor airflow could be anywhere within the system—dirt buildup in the evaporator coil, dirty air filters, obstructed ducts or even a damaged motor. A professional AC service in Little Rock, AR will have to identify the source of the block.
  • Low refrigerant: Refrigerant is key to the smooth operation of your air conditioning system. If your refrigerant is low or if there’s a leak in your system, the pressure in your unit’s evaporator coil may drop. When this occurs, moisture in the air can collect and freeze on the coil, causing your system to freeze up.
  • Cool overnight temperatures: Even the hottest days can end in cool nights. Overnight temperatures below 60° can actually have a negative effect on your AC unit’s operating system and cause your air conditioner to freeze up.
  • Malfunctioning blower: If your system’s blower is not functioning properly, there may not be enough air blowing over the evaporator coil. Going back to the poor airflow, if the blower is malfunctioning, the evaporator coil can freeze up.
  • Blocked air vents: If your AC unit is running, you should leave the air vents in your home open. Closing air vents can affect the airflow to your system, causing your unit to freeze up. You should also avoid having furniture or curtains placed in front of vents for the same reason.

If your unit is frozen, turn off your unit immediately and don’t hesitate to call for professional AC maintenance in North Little Rock, AR. Ignoring the symptom of ice on your unit can lead to serious damage and expensive repairs.

For a reliable AC service in Little Rock, AR that offers quality workmanship at an affordable price, be sure to call Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service. We’re always here for you and offer emergency repair services 24/7. Call on us anytime, and we’ll be there!

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