Four Ways to Save on Air Conditioning in Lonoke County, AR This Summer

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With the heat of the summer here, your home’s utility costs are undoubtedly escalating with the use of your air conditioning in Lonoke County, AR. While you need to be comfortable in your home and running your AC unit is a must, there are some things that you can do to reduce your energy costs when it comes to your air conditioning system. Try these tips to reduce your monthly AC costs:

  • Buy a programmable thermostat: It can be easy to turn your air conditioning in Cabot, AR on and forget about it, even when you are not home. However, running your AC system when you aren’t there is like throwing money out the window, as you are cooling your home for no reason. If you have trouble remembering to keep your thermostat turned down when you leave, invest in a programmable thermostat to do it for you. You can set it to raise your cooling temperature when you are regularly gone and lower it when you are expected to return, so you have a cool home waiting for you each day.
  • Change your air filter: Increased energy costs can most often be traced back to dirty air filters. When your air filter is filled with dirt and dust, it makes your air conditioning in Conway, AR operate harder than it has to. You may notice that your AC unit is running more frequently than normal, or that it is cycling for longer periods of time. This is because it can’t push air through the filter easily and you need to change your air filter to allow your AC system to work a little easier.
  • Check for air duct leaks: When you have leaks in your air duct system, cool air escapes before it can reach the rooms within your home. This can also cause your air conditioning in Little Rock, AR to have to work harder than necessary to maintain the temperature in your home. Inspect your air ducts for any signs of holes, gaps or damage that might be obstructing the flow of air and get them repaired as quick as possible.
  • Upgrade to a new unit: If your AC unit just isn’t as efficient as it once was, it may be driving your air conditioning costs up. In this case, you should consider investing in new air conditioning in North Little Rock, AR. You’ll be able to select an Energy Star model that will operate more efficiently and will provide with you increased energy savings and help to reduce that monthly utility bill. Most HVAC contractors offer financing options, which will make it easier to fit a new AC unit into your monthly budget.

By keeping these tips for saving on your air conditioner usage in mind, you will see your energy costs decrease significantly with minimal effort on your part. When you are in need of AC installation, repair or maintenance, contact Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service. We offer 24-hour emergency service so you never have to be stuck without your air conditioning system.

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