Things to Do Before Turning on Your Air Conditioning Unit

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As the days get longer and the weather heats up, it’s time to get your air conditioning unit running to keep your home cool. Before you head for the thermostat, you have to make sure that your unit is ready to go. There are several things that you’ll need to do before turning on your air conditioning unit in order to ensure that it is working well and running efficiently:

  • Visually inspect your unit: The first thing that you should do before you get your air conditioner in Little Rock, AR up and running is perform a visual inspection. Go outside to where your condenser unit is located and remove any covering that you may have been using to protect the unit from the elements over the colder months. Evaluate the condition of the unit and keep an eye out for any concerns or potential repairs that might be necessary.
  • Clear away debris: While you are performing your visual inspection, begin clearing away debris from inside and around your AC unit in Cabot, AR. Things like fallen leaves and overgrown vegetation can cause big problems when it comes to airflow, especially if your condenser unit was left uncovered during stormy months. The space surrounding your unit should be completely cleared of any possible obstructions; try to clear at least 18 inches of space around your unit to ensure proper airflow and circulation.
  • Check the filter: In order for your air conditioning unit in Conway, AR to work properly, the filter has to be regularly cleaned and replaced if necessary. Dust and debris can accumulate in this filter over time and lead to a lower degree of efficiency, and might even circulate dusty air through your home. It is important that you clean your filter thoroughly or replace it before turning on your air conditioning unit.
  • Turn on the breaker switches: Once you have taken care of the inspection and maintenance of your unit, it’s time to get things powered up. Make sure that the breaker switch to your air conditioner’s condenser unit is turned on. It’s also a good idea to close basement vents before flipping your unit on in order to concentrate the airflow to the main levels of your home where it is really needed.
  • Get a professional inspection: Although you might be successful in performing some simple maintenance for your air conditioner, there is no DIY substitute for a thorough, professional inspection. An expert will be able to assess the condition of your unit before you turn it on and take care of any part replacements or AC repair in North Little Rock, AR that may be needed.

If you’re ready to get your AC unit up and running for the summer, give Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service a call. We can inspect your unit to ensure that it is ready to go and perform any repairs and maintenance that are needed to ensure the highest degree of operation. Contact us to set up your appointment today.

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