Maximizing the Life of Your AC Unit

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Your home’s HVAC system is the key to comfort all year round. It’s critical to keep all of the major components of this system in good working condition—particularly your AC unit during the scorching summer months. Unfortunately, because your air conditioning unit in Little Rock, AR is located outdoors and exposed to the elements, it requires a little extra maintenance to stay in tip-top shape.

You might not be an HVAC professional, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can be doing during the summer to keep your AC unit functioning effectively. Let’s take a look at a few pieces of simple air conditioner maintenance in Little Rock, AR that can maximize the life of your unit and keep the cool air flowing in your home:

  • First and foremost, make sure you’re keeping debris away from your AC unit. Plant growth, dirt, dust and garbage can all build up in and around the unit, impeding its ability to circulate air. Restricted airflow will make the unit work harder, burning out its components quicker. Do a thorough cleaning around your AC unit and give it a wide berth from anything that might impede airflow.
  • Change your filters regularly! Many people forget to change filters in the summertime because the filter itself is located at your air handler, closer to your furnace. A filter change will remove debris from the equation and open up airflow paths inside, again keeping the heat off your AC unit when it comes to working harder than it needs to.
  • Maintaining a stable temperature in your home is going to provide consistency for your air conditioning unit in Little Rock, AR. Set the temp at a reasonable level—like 74 degrees—and leave it there! Switching up the temperature too often can put strain on your unit to keep up.
  • Closing up any gaps around your windows and making sure your home is generally sealed is going to do worlds of good for the life of your AC unit. By protecting your home against intrusive heat, you’ll help to keep the interior temperature more consistent, preventing over-cycling from the AC unit.
  • Ceiling fans can be a great supplement to your AC unit and help keep it from working too hard. Make sure the fan blades are set to rotate clockwise during the summer months, to circulate cooler air back towards the floor. This will maintain temperatures for longer, once again alleviating the burden on your AC.

All of the above steps can be completed without the help of an HVAC contractor, but it’s also in your best interest to give one a call at least twice per year—before you start relying on your AC unit every day and when the time comes to shut it down for the season.

Maintaining your AC unit is the first step to extending its life. If you live in Cabot, Conway, Little Rock and North Little Rock, AR, Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service is ready to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your unit for as long as you own it!

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