Consider Air Conditioning Installation in Pulaski County, AR Before Summer Starts

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February is a chilly month, and the last thing on your mind is air conditioning. However, if you have a mobile home, condominium or vacation cabin that relies on window units rather than a central system, now is a good time to invest in new air conditioning installation in Little Rock, AR and the Pulaski County area. Here is what you ought to consider when upgrading your air conditioning:

  • Need for flexibility: You may have no other choice but a window unit. If you live in a rental property or condo without ducting, you likely must settle for a window unit. Rental properties need that flexibility since you likely do not want to pay to install something you must leave behind. If your living situation is more permanent and central air is not feasible, a wall unit is a good consideration. It may work more efficiently than several window units throughout your living space. Just keep in mind that, while window units can often adapt to become a wall unit it is not possible for a wall unit to be mounted in a window. You will want to check ahead of time to assure your wall can handle the unit before you purchase it or arrange for installation.
  • Installation ease: If you have a central furnace system, it can be adjusted to a heat pump that accommodates air conditioning. You have the ductwork and the platform for that system, and adjustments are just a matter of time and money. For a wall unit, you likely need to hire a contractor to cut a space, insulate it and assure there is infrastructure to keep it from crashing down into your wall. Window units are the easiest to install since they are mobile appliances with no permanence.
  • Air and light: The biggest complaint about window units is that they block out air and light. You have no choice but to give up that window, and you lose the ability to ventilate a room with outdoor air. Wall units do not require a window, and while they are more work to install, they often become preferable when a central system is impossible. However, if you want the least interference with your home’s atmosphere, finding a way to install central air conditioning is the best option.
  • Insulation: You will not be able to completely seal around your window air conditioner. Hot air will still leak in, and you will lose cooled air. The result often manifests as higher utility bills and rooms that may still be too hot. This is one reason why central systems are more efficient—the cold air is sealed inside, and unless you have poor weather stripping, there are fewer air leaks. A well-installed wall unit can create the same advantage, assuming the insulation remains tight.

You have many options for air conditioning, and now is a good time to reconsider systems that did not work as well last summer. This may be the year you finally splurge on central air conditioning, or you may decide that a wall unit will work better than the series of window units you used last year.

If you desire central air conditioning installation in Pulaski County, AR and the greater Little Rock area, call Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service. We look forward to helping you enjoy a cooler summer this year.

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