Why You Need Heating Repair in Little Rock, AR

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Winter will soon end, but it is still too early for your furnace to stop working. You need to keep it going just a while longer, so if it is struggling, you need to schedule heating repair in Pulaski County, AR, since it will still be cool in the area. If you run a commercial property, nothing will chase away customers or kill worker morale faster than a building that is too cold. Here are six reasons why your furnace could be malfunctioning:

  • You need a new system: HVAC systems are expensive, and it is understandable that you want yours to last as long as possible. However, they have a limited lifespan, and pushing it past 20 years, especially with a commercial system, only contributes to inefficiencies and raises your repair bills. It can even become dangerous and leak carbon monoxide. Sometimes, you need repairs because your furnace is past its useful life. If it has been a while since you had an upgrade, expect a conversation with your technician about why replacement is the best option.
  • Dirty filters: Filters keep debris out of your burners, and eventually, they will become too dirty. If you do not change them out, your furnace will be less efficient and effective. This is one of the least expensive problems that is also very easy to fix.
  • Outdated thermostats: When your thermostats are older than your HVAC system, they will not communicate with it as well. Without accurate readings, your furnace will either activate excessively or fail to heat at all. The good news is that, if it is time to change out your thermostats, purchasing programmable ones will pay for themselves in utility savings.
  • Pilot light issues: Gas furnaces should have a solid blue flame. When that dwindles, you will have problems keeping your home heated. Sometimes, the cause is simple, like outdoor debris stuck in an intake valve. Other times, you need new flame sensors. Any change in the pilot light indicates issues that require the attention of an HVAC technician.
  • Malfunctioning burners: Your burners should roar to life when the pilot light ignites. When there is no roar, you likely have a serious problem. Usually this is due to thermostats with dead batteries, so change those out before calling us. If there is still no burner roar as you power up the thermostat, we may need to check flame sensors, gas valves or the control board.
  • Blowers fail to activate: Sluggish blowers suggest electrical or mechanical problems. Turning the system fan to “on” should start the blowers, and if that does not work, you likely have an issue with the electrical system. If your blower activates, but there is no heat, you likely have a mechanical problem. Many times, the furnace and thermostat are not communicating and you will experience deficiencies. Often a tune-up of the blowers and the replacement of some parts will get this working well once again.

If you require residential or commercial heating repair in Little Rock, AR or the Pulaski County area, contact Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service today.

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