Avoid Ice Machine Repair in Lonoke County, AR with the Following Tips

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If you run a bar or restaurant in the Pulaski or Lonoke County areas, requiring ice machine repair can create a desperate situation. Ice is mandatory for many drinks, but when machines are not properly maintained, you can create a sanitation nightmare. Here are six tips for avoiding ice machine repair in Lonoke County, AR and keeping your food service business running smoothly:

  • Prioritize sanitation: Almost all ice machine failures arise from poor sanitation. Food safety laws and manufacturer guidelines recommend a full cleaning and sanitation process at least two to four times per year. For many restaurants or small markets with fountain drinks, this is woefully inadequate. Consider performing this routine once a month, or at least every other month.
  • Know how to clean the machine: Not only should you know how to clean the ice machine, but you should make sure your employees are trained to complete the task, too. You will need to use an antimicrobial cleaner to remove scaling. Check for lint and grease, or your ice will taste stale. Also, if your ice machine is near a cooking line, consider moving it. That is just inviting additional contamination.
  • Avoid mold and mildew: The problem with mold and mildew is that you are unlikely to remove it. No amount of cleaning can address it. You will either need to have it professionally cleaned or have your ice machine replaced completely.
  • Treat ice like any other food: Do not take food handling shortcuts with ice. It is like any other edible product, and contamination can produce dire consequences. Do not handle ice directly; provide scoops and tongs instead. Keep these utensils outside the bin so the handle never touches the ice. Also, use an antibacterial container to hold these items so they do not become contaminated. Train your employees in these practices, as well, so it will be easier to maintain food safety and a functioning ice machine.
  • Keep the doors closed: Unless you are cleaning the machine or removing ice, never leave the storage compartment on your ice machine open. That is just asking for contamination. Check seals and the interior occasionally for dirt and mold. If you can catch this early, you have a better chance of cleaning and disinfecting the machine than if you let it linger for six months. Look for excess moisture that can lead to mold growth, and remove it.
  • Use filtered water: If you purchase an ice machine that uses filtered water, you will have ice that tastes better and is safer for your customers, too. While filters do not remove all microbes, they will decrease scaling and support better ice production. Replace filters every six months, and if there is frequent sediment on them, increase the frequency of replacement.

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