HVAC Contractor in Lonoke County, AR Recommends Gas Furnace Rebate Program

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Your HVAC contractor in Lonoke County, AR wants you to be aware of a rebate program available to area business owners. Called the CenterPoint Energy rebate program, it awards business owners who upgrade their HVAC to energy-efficient appliances. Gas furnaces are included in this program, along with other appliances. Here is information about the rebates and how you can secure one by upgrading systems at your place of business.

Appliances covered

The CenterPoint Energy program was developed to make efficiency less cost-prohibitive and more accessible to small and larger businesses alike. In addition to offering general rebates, the program targets specific types of businesses, including food service, builders and designers, mechanical contractors and even architects and engineers. This is to promote energy and cost savings.

Rebates are available on a variety of systems. Natural gas heating systems are included, as well as boiler systems, boiler components, water heaters, food service equipment and commercial and industrial solutions. If you are looking at upgrades, or performed one recently, it would be a good idea to look up your appliances and see if you can benefit from these rebates. Many customers discover a previous installation is eligible.

If this applies to you, you need to submit paperwork by December 31. Any appliance installed during the calendar year can be eligible if you submit your application by the end of the year. Basically, if you had a furnace or boiler installed on January 1, 2016, you are still eligible for the rebate as long as you complete and submit forms by the deadline. There is no deadline based on date of installation.

Rebate amounts

The rebate on natural gas equipment can be as high as $600. Furnaces range from $400 to $600, although backup heating systems are subject to a lower rebate of $125 to $175. Even then, that is still money you did not have before you submitted the forms.

For natural gas water heaters, tankless models offer the highest rebate at $500. For tanked ones, you are looking at $75. Since many customers upgrade their water heaters at the same time they replace a furnace, this increases the amount of the rebate you can secure.

The rebate is a nice incentive, but this is not the only way you will gain money. When you upgrade to an efficient gas furnace, your HVAC costs will drop each month. Your new appliance will pay for itself before long in these cost-savings; however, the rebate enhances these savings by returning money to you. If you have been considering a new furnace, this deal is hard to ignore.

There is still time to enjoy a rebate and cost savings through the new gas furnace rebate in 2016. If you seek an HVAC contractor in Lonoke County, AR, contact Dickerson Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service. Our service area includes Lonoke and Pulaski Counties, as well as Austin, Cabot, Conway, Jacksonville, Little Rock, North Little Rock and Sherwood, AR, and we look forward to assisting with your furnace or refrigeration needs.

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